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Globally active, ThyssenKrupp holds excellent technology and market positions in its three main businesses steel, capital goods and services. Our strengths lie in our decades of expertise, our strong service competencies, our flexibility and our innovative prowess.

Global views
At ThyssenKrupp, thinking forward keeps us moving forward. It is an approach which has served the Group well, unlocking creative potential and paving the way for change. Forward thinking provides ThyssenKrupp with a continuous stream of new ideas, products and services that make life easier for our customers. But thinking ahead also means taking seriously our responsibility to the environment, the community, our customers, stockholders and employees. As an international Group, we not only have the ability to influence the lives of current and future generations, we have a duty to keep on meeting these challenges every day. We have global views on how to achieve these objectives.

Business no longer takes place behind closed doors. Every step a company takes is in the public eye. To achieve long-term success, companies have to gear their actions more than ever to the interests of their various stakeholders. That means taking their legitimate needs and expectations seriously – be they ethical, social, ecological or economic – and incorporating them in our decision-making processes and day-to-day business. This is something we recognize and strive to achieve.

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